Norway Norway debuted in the first edition of the Grandvision Song Contest.

Flag of Norway
Member station NRK
National selection events SongHunt Norge
Appearances 3
First appearance #01
Best result 3rd: #03
Worst result 14th: #01

History of Norway in the Grandvision Song ContestEdit

Grandvision Song Contest 1Edit

On December 20, 2014 it was confirmed by NRK that Norway would debut in the first edition of Grandvision Song Contest in Copenhagen. Almost a week later, NRK also confirmed that the boyband "Suite 16" would represent Norway in Denmark with their song, "Stupid Lovesong". Suite 16 made it through the Semi-Final and finished 14th with 70 points in the Grand Final.

Grandvision Song Contest 2Edit

NRK confirmed that Norway would participate in GVSC 2 no matter what they result would be in the first edition, 11th January 2015. Rumours said that Norway would send "something German". And the rumours were correct in a way. On 5th February 2015, NRK confirmed that "Nora Jabri" will represent Norway in GVSC 2 in London with her song "Berlin Wall". Nora made it through to the Grand Final and finished just out of the top 6 with a 7th place and  105 points. Nora made Norway win her Semi-Final with 133 points.

Grandvision Song Contest 3Edit

NS: SongHunt Norge 1Edit

In the evening on the 22nd of February, NRK confirmed that Norway would continue their participation in GVSC. In this edition, NRK will host a national selection called SongHunt Norway to find their entry to Grandvision 3. After three stages was Emila selected to represent Norway with her song "Mr. Perfect". Once again did Norway win their semi-final, this time with a record of 133 points. The Grand Final results went even better. Emila finished with a record of 164 points and a 3rd place which is the best norwegian result so far.

Grandvision Song Contest 4Edit

NS: SongHunt Norge 2Edit

The norwegian broadcaster confirmed the norwegian participation in GVSC 3 on June 9th. Once again would SongHunt Norge be held to select their entry, this time with another format which includes more participants, more shows, live shows and live voting. The selection is ongoing.

Contestants & ResultsEdit

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     Second place
     Third place
     Last place
     Automatically qualified to the final
     Did not qualify for the final
     Did not compete
Edition Host City Artist Language Title Final Points Semi Points
#01 Denmark Copenhagen Suite 16 English "Stupid Lovesong" 14 70 08 60
#02 United Kingdom London Nora Jabri English "Berlin Wall" 07 105 01 115
#03 Croatia Zagreb Emila English "Mr. Perfect" 03 164 01 133

Commentators and spokespersons Edit

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