Italy debuted in the second edition of the Grandvision Song Contest
Flag of Italy
Member station RAI
National selection events Una Canzeone per ♪
Appearances 2
First appearance #02
Best result 1st: #04
Worst result 19th: #05

History of Italy in the Grandvision Song ContestEdit

Grandvision Song Contest 2Edit

On January 11 2015, it was announced by RAI, the Italian broadcaster in the GBU, that Italy would be debuting in the second edition. The broadcaster has also announced that for the first participation, the artist and the song will be selected internally and the song will be in Italian. Some weeks later, on January 28, a tweet from Laura Pausini announces that represent Italy for the first participation of the country in the contest. However, it was only confirmed on February 3, in a special show for the contest, she will sing with Thalia the song Sino a ti, a song in Italian and Spanish. On the February 6, it was announced that Italy will compete in the First Half of the Second Semi-Final, but in the same time, the Fans of the contest is ranked Italy very low in the Bettings Odd. Some days after the Allocation Draw, Italy has drawn the number 07 in the Second Semi-Final. The country, despite being low in the BO, qualified in the Grand Final, and draw the number 16, and finishing at the 11th place with 78 Points in Final.

Grandvision Song Contest 3Edit

RAI confirmed the Italian participation on 22 February, with somes rumors said that Italy will made a National Selection for choose their song. These rumors would be confirm or not after the First Semi-Final. Some days after, an artist was confirmed to be Marco Mengoni and his song would be, for the first time, choosen in a small National Selection, cancelled after that Marco Mengoni finally doesn't wanted to represent Italy in the contest. Annalisa, second Italian choice was choosen with her San Remo song Una Finestra tra le stelle. The country, ranked at the 9th place in the Betting Odds, was, once again, located in the Second Semi-Final, in the Second Half this time, and draw the number 11, between Germany & Albania. Italy, once again qualify for the final and get the number 03 in the Grand Final, and with some surprises, the country gets the 5th place with 154 Points, making the first Italian top 5 in the competition, and also the first time that Italy would be in the Pre-Qualified country for the contest.

Grandvision Song Contest 4Edit

Announcing the Italian participation on the 8 June, RAI also have confirmed the wish for making a National Selection for Italy with 6 Songs, depending of the Italian result on GVSC 4. Some weeks after, it was decided to cancel the National Selection and selecting the artist & song internally. As Italy is in the Big 6 Group, the country only compete in the Grand Final, with also voting in the First Semi-Final. The selected artist & song was Francesca Michielin and her song L'amore esiste. During this edition, the Italian song was ranked 4th in the Betting Odds. And during the Grand Final results, the song managed to give the first (and only atm) victory for Italy, by getting the record number of 225 Points. Thus making Italy the next host country, and also the second winner of GVSC which isn't a Balkan country (after the United Kingdom in GVSC1) to win.

Grandvision Song Contest 5Edit

Not written yet.

Contestants & ResultsEdit

Table key
     Second place
     Third place
     Last place
     Automatically qualified to the final
     Did not qualify for the final
Ed Host City Artist Song Language Final Pts Semi Pts
#02 United Kingdom London Laura Pausini ft Thalia "Sino A Ti" Italian, Spanish 11 78 08 70
#03 Croatia Zagreb Annalisa "Una Finestra tra le Stelle" Italian 05 154 04 96
#04 Flag Of FYROM Skopje Francesca Michielin "L'amore esiste" Italian 01 225 Big 6 Member
#05 Italy Turin Annalisa "Splende" Italian 18 83
#06 Sweden

Commentators and spokespersons Edit

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