"Decisão canção português" is the portuguese National Selection for the Grandvision Song Contest 3.

Decisão canção português #1
The Portuguese Song Decision!
Venue Portugal Lisbon, Portugal
Entries 6
System Televoting + Jury (see "The Voting")
Winner Portugal Ana Free - "Magicians"
Decisão canção português
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RTP has already selected the artist who's going to represent Portugal at the GvSC 3 internally. On the 1st March 2015 it has been announced, that Ana Free will represent Portugal all on her own.

The songs which are fighting for the victory have been announced day after day from the 2nd March till the 7th March.

The system which decides the winner has been announced on the 8th March shortly before the voting had officially started. It closed at the 14th March. "We can just say that there will be a public voting and a jury voting. Both have much influence and can turn the results of the other one. So I can say, that we found the perfect voting, at least in our opinion. We will try it and hopefully we can let it be like that for the future." - Exclusive interview with the HoD of Portugal in the newspaper "Correio da Manhã".

The Voting Edit

  1. Televoting: The songs will get points according to their percentual amount of votes (100% ≙ 10000 Points)
  2. Jury Voting: The Portuguese Jury will rank the songs. Then the songs get points as follows:
  • 1st - 3000 Points
  • 2nd - 2500 Points
  • 3rd - 2000 Points
  • 4th - 1500 Points
  • 5th - 1000 Points
  • 6th - 500 Points

Songs Edit

Draw Language Artist Song Place Points (Televoting/Jury)
1 English Ana Free "Electrical Storm" 2 4643 (2143/2500)
2 English Ana Free "Kick It Up" 3 4357 (2857/1500)
3 English Ana Free "Playgrounds and Kisses" 5 1714 (714/1000)
4 English Ana Free "Down To The River" 4 3429 (1429/2000)
5 English Ana Free "Keep On Walking" 6 1214 (714/500)
6 English Ana Free "Magicians" 1 5143 (2143/3000)